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What is the ESOL Program?

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes are available to any Limited English Proficient (LEP) student in grades K-5 for whom English is not the primary language and whose English is not adequate to function successfully in the regular content areas.

LEP students are identified by the Home Language Registration Form or the Referral for ESOL Screening form and screened to determine their English proficiency level (Virginia State Levels 1-5) and academic needs. When parents register their children they will be directed to the office of central registration for ESOL testing. Those identified as eligible and whose parents grant permission for the services are provided instructional support by an ESOL teacher.

ESOL students receive an average of one to three hours of English content-based instructional support per day following the current research-based instructional program models.  Services include small groups for guided reading instruction and Math, inclusion/co-teaching for Science and Social Studies. The instructional resource support is provided until a student can meet passing requirements independently in general education classes.

Bilingual support services (translating and interpreting for school purposes such as parent/ teacher conferences and meetings are made available on an as-needed basis by all grade levels.