Hi First Graders! I am Ms. Trucco   your ESOL teacher. I hope  everyone stay safe and healthy at home. During this time we will continue working with you at home. Keep visiting your teachers website daily. you will find great activities to do at home.  Please contact me by email if your need support.

I miss  you everyday!

e mail: truccoac@pwcs.edu


Ms. Trucco
Esol Teacher.😊

Updated: 06/08 /2020

Learning Focus for the Week of June 8- June 12

I can ask and answer questions about pictures and what I read using the question words of who, what, when, where, why, and how. (1.10f)

Language ObjectiveI will ask and answer questions using  Wh- questions words and pictures. 

Speaking  & Listening:
Nearpod: Let's review how to use Wh- question words. Go to this new Nearpod. 
                                          1. Click on the link Nearpod above.
                                           2. Find this box below on the webpage.
 3. Type in this code: OJXFK
4. Type in your name, start the lesson and have fun!

Reading and Listening :Steps to Log-in to RAZ-Kids:1. Go to www.kidsa-z.com.  Then click on the big Green button that says KIDS LOGIN

                                                  2.  Enter or choose my username: anactrucco
Find your name on the class chart. 
Then enter your password. ( your password is the Duck picture )

RAZ-Kids/Headsprout: Listening to different books on your reading level and then answer questions about what you read. Also you can work on different phonics skills. Please use the Duck picture as your password. 

Vocabulay: Watch this video and review vocabulary about action verbs.