Hello Kilby Tigers

My name is Mrs. Geschke. This is my first year as an ESOL teacher. I have been a classroom teacher for 11 years in 1st-3rd grade and this is my 10th year at Kilby. I am currently working with English Language Learners in 1st grade. I hope you and your family are staying safe and enjoying time together. Here are some resources below to help you continue your learning while we are away. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance with the resources. Also, feel free to send me an email just to say hello! I do miss my Kilby family and I hope you have a wonderful summer break!

                                                     Email: geschksa@pwcs.edu

*Updated June 8, 2020*

Parent Note

Please be sure to go to the top of this page to “set your language”. This will allow you to navigate through the different resources.

To access each website, please click on the words in RED and it will take you directly to the web page.

PWCS Home Learning Resources: Resources to help parents with at home learning.

Learning Focus for the Week of June 8th-12th: I can ask and answer questions about pictures and what I read using the question words of who, what, when, where, why, and how. (1.10f)

Speaking & Listening:
Nearpod: Review the question words and how we ask questions then use the visual to ask and answer a question. 

Here are the directions to complete the Nearpod Lesson.
1. Click on the link for Nearpod above.
2. Find this box labeled Student on the webpage.  
3. Type in this code: CREYS
4. Type in your name and classroom teacher and start the lesson!

Reading & Listening:
RAZ-Kids/Headsprout: Listen to different books on your reading level and then answer questions about what you read. Also you can work on different phonics skills. Please use your student ID number (lunch number) to get into your book library.

Steps to Log-in to RAZ-Kids:
Go to www.kidsa-z.com.  Then click on the big Green button that says KIDS LOGIN
Enter or choose my username: geschksa 
Find your name on the class chart. 
Then enter your password. (Remember it is your student ID number)

Vocabulary & Writing:
Question Words:
Listen to the song to review the question words.
Writing Activitiy: Use the picture and words below to write two sentences about what is happening in the picture. You can always write more sentences to tell and add more details to the story. Email me a picture of your completed story at geschksa@pwcs.edu.
Winter Fun
Use the following vocabulary words to help you write your sentences: sledding, happy, snow, friends

Optional Extra Activities:
Typing Games: Get some extra practice on your typing skills with these fun games.