Welcome to the Computer Lab!

In the past we have used this page for students to easily access what we were working on in the lab. It is now updated with some links/ ideas for students to use while we are away from school. 

 Login with a badge (looks like a qr code) or office 365 (students will use their computer username @pwcs-edu.org) 

On clever students can practice typing with typing.com. draw and create with Wixie, look at the encyclopedia- World Book (it has games too), Read with MyOn or Benchmark Universe, and practice math and critical thinking skills with ST Math. BrainPOP is also available with educational videos on a variety of topics.
There are also links in clever to IXL, Reflex and other sites students might be used to using. Please email their teacher if you need help with the login to these sites.

This site has learning games for Math and Reading (K-5) and some fun activities too.
If you access it on a tablet or phone there are a few free games everyday, on a computer the whole site is free to use.

Kids Infobits-(an online encyclopedia)  Go to Find It VA the first link on the K-5 page is for Kids Info bits. 

Lightbot - we used this page for hour of code and the students really enjoyed it!