Week of: June 8, 2020
This week I have uploaded new lessons on NEARPOD. I have also added a new fitness bingo game that I want you all to try, as well as the DEAM fitness calendar for the month of May. Below I will list the exercises for the week. Remember to try your best and keep a great attitude.  
I'd like to see some of you performing these activities or even just doing something fun. Don't be afraid to take some pictures and send them my way!

NEARPOD: Grades K-5
Just go to the link below and type in the 5 digit code!

DEAM Fitness: June 8-12
Monday - It’s National Gardening Week. Plant something!
Tuesday - Do as many trunk-lifts as you can.
Wednesday - Use sidewalk chalk to make a 2-square game and challenge a friend.
Thursday - Do push-up shoulder taps while someone calls out words for you to spell.
Friday - Take a walk

As i assume many of you have been doing, I've had a lot of time on my hands and figured I'd do some cleaning. Well here's something I found from when I was a kid. A little blast from the past!
Little Me

Please go to the files and documents link on the side to access this weeks Lesson. You will be going over a few different activities to get your mind and body working after this long break. 
If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Go Tigers!!!

Mr. Beatty
EMAIL: beattybb@pwcs.edu

Office Hours: Thursday 10:00am-11:00am

On the left hand side, there are tabs for you to click on. For some great at home activities, go to the useful links tab and go to the OPENPHYSED link. It has a variety of different things for students to do, as well as being able to track their activities. I would love for the students to use the tracking sheets, but they are not mandatory. If you have any question, please email me anytime and I will assist you! 

EMAIL: beattybb@pwcs.edu

Hello everyone! My name is Bruce Beatty and I am one of the PE teachers at Kilby ES. I've recently moved back to the NOVA area from Norfolk Va. While i was there, I completed my Health and Physical Education  Degree at Old Dominion University. While teaching takes up most of my time, I'm currently coaching baseball at Lake Braddock High School, as well as making some time to get outside and play some fun activities in the fresh air. I'm very excited to teach and help the students with any and all things health and physical education related.