Here at school, we use Clever to save our logins for many different websites! Students can access these resources at home by using their Clever badge or by using their and their password.

**If your student needs their Clever badge and you have the ability to print it from home, feel free to email me and I can send you a copy of their clever badge!** 

Below is a list of a few resources available on Clever that will allow students to practice their reading skills!

On Clever: 
*Students can access myON, which allows them to read at home.
Under files and documents, I have a list of questions you can ask your child while they read, as well as different reader's responses we've used this school year they can use at home to write about their reading. 

*They can also access IXL, which has practice for language arts standards.
please email me if you would like to know specifically areas your child could benefit from practicing! 

*Lexia is also a resource on Clever, which students can use as well.

For Virginia Studies, a great website to use is SOLPass- it allows students to review the content by playing games! Your child should know how to access SOLPass, but if they've forgotten, feel free to email me.