As a Title I reading teacher, I am fortunate to work with our first and second grade teams.  I work with small groups of students in first and second grade.  I work on developing reading strategies that will improve my student's ability to decode unfamiliar works, increase stamina, and improve comprehension.

I am also a Reading Recovery teacher.  I work with eight students individually for 20 weeks.  This is an intensive 30 minute lessons that occurs daily.  They lessons are held individually.  The goal of Reading Recovery is to advance students so they are on grade level at the end of the 20 week session.

Love of literacy begins in the home.  To give your child a love of reading make sure that you read with your child nightly.  Have your child read to you, but also make sure that you read to them!  It is a great way to allow your child to become engaged in a book and to hear fluent reading.  My son is in fourth grade and I still read to him nightly!

Here are some resources that you can use while Kilby is closed.

 can be used to access MyOn, Lexia, and IXL.

                    --> MyOn for reading books online.  (Please see the Files and Documents tab for questions and writing                                         response prompts to use after reading.) 

                           MyOn para leer libros en línea. (Consulte la pestaña Archivos y documentos para ver las                                                                preguntas y escribir las indicaciones de respuesta que se deben usar después de leer.) 

                      -->Lexia for practice with phonological awareness, phonics, word structures, reading fluency, vocabulary                                    and comprehension. 

                            Lexia para la práctica con conciencia fonológica, fonética, estructuras de palabras, fluidez de                                                       lectura, vocabulario y comprensión.

                      -->IXL for practice with previously taught language arts standards. 

                             IXL para la práctica con estándares de artes del lenguaje previamente enseñados.

 Here are some websites for students in K-2 that focus on letter knowledge, phonics, and games!

1. Starfall - is for students in K-2.  There are stories that are read to your child.  Activities include vowel patterns and chunking.  There is also a section for practicing math skills.
          Esto es para estudiantes en K-2. Hay historias que se leen a su hijo. Las actividades incluyen patrones vocales y fragmentación. También hay una sección para practicar habilidades matemáticas.

2. ABCya! - is for students in K-2.  There are phonic and letter games.  There are games for math, science and social studies too!
          Esto es para estudiantes en K-2. Hay juegos fónicos y de letras. ¡También hay juegos para matemáticas, ciencias y estudios sociales!

3. Scholastic at Home - is for students in K-5.  This website has learning units that have both non-fiction and fiction texts.  There are videos that go along with the books.