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For Math Practice:
Math Words and Ideas
Short videos in English and Spanish to review math skills and concepts
Origo One
Youtube channel with videos to review math skills and concepts
Fun online games from Investigations to review math skills and concepts
We use this often in our classroom and it is a great activity for building number sense skills
Virtual Manipulatives
Use them to play math games and solve math problems
Bedtime Math
Use the website or download the free app to practice math at home

For Language Arts Practice:
Unite for Literacy
Free fiction and nonfiction ebooks with no log in required
Reading Bear
Free phonics and vocabulary practice to support early readers
Kids Listen
Great podcasts for kids to listen to fiction stories and nonfiction questions and answers
Reycraft Books on YouTube
Literacy expert Wiley Blevins takes children on a literary journey through animated reads featuring stories of underrepresented voices.
Storyline Online
Free stories read aloud by members of SAG
This is a great website for practicing letters and letter sounds.

For Multiple Subject Area Practice:
Log in using your Clever badge to access MyOn, BrainPop Jr., and more!
BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. 
Videos, quizzes, games, and activities on a variety of topics in all subject areas

Log in using a special code from your teacher.
Kilby Library
Books and other resources to access at home.
Free language arts and math games.

For physical activity:
Engaging games, songs, and exercises you can do anywhere!
Cosmic Kids
Stretching actvities and stories with exercises. You can also visit their YouTube channel.