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Tuesday, 6/9

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Friday, 6/12

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Language Arts

SOLS: 2.7 c, i

I can ask and answer questions about a poem and read a poem with fluency and expression.

Choice 1:

Go to Nearpod

Use the code: DLVZW


Choice 2:

Read the poem “Dear Sun” with fluency and expression.


Dear Sun

Dear Sun,

Every day I wake

to see, if you are

Smiling down on me.

And if you're not,

I know somewhere,

behind the clouds

you're smiling there.

For if we couldn't

see your face,

The world would be

a frozen place.


Write three questions you would ask the sun.

Use: who, what, when, where, why, and how to help you.


Read for 20 minutes


Write a poem about summertime. Use as many describing words and details as you can.




SOLS: 2.6 a, b, c

I can create and solve 2-digit story problems without regrouping.


Choice 1:

Go to Nearpod

Use the code: EAODX


Choice 2:

Solve these story problems with UPSC:

1.) Ms. Dangle has 30 red markers and 15 blue markers. How many markers does she have?


2.) Carol had 48 pencils. 16 of the pencils are yellow, the rest are green. How many green pencils does Carol have?


3.) David had a tub of pink and blue Jolly Ranchers. He has 54 Jolly Ranchers in all. How many could be pink? How many could be blue?


Draw Base-10 blocks or use manipulatives to help you!


Challenge yourself! Write your own story problems. Have someone in your family solve them.


Use IXL on Clever for 20 minutes

or choose one activity from the Math Choice Board to do



SOLS: 2.2 b. c

I can identify the force of gravity and how it affects everyday life.


Choice 1:

Go to Nearpod

Use the code: ZUREL


Choice 2: Write and draw what your home would look like without gravity.

***********************Try this experiment!

Find some objects in your home. Predict which ones will fall the fastest and why. Drop them onto the ground from the same height. Was your prediction correct?

Social Studies

SOLS: 2.2

I can identify and describe how communication has changed over time.



Go to Nearpod

Use the code: VKIUX


Choice 2: Write and draw: What did communication look like in the past? What does it look like in the present? ***********************

Challenge yourself!

Write and draw: What do you think communication will be like in the future?

Virtual Field Trip

This week we are going on a Virtual Field trip to Amazement Square in Lynchburg, Virginia!


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Use the code:



Check the answers for this week’s lessons!

Go to Nearpod

Use the code: JYNMV


Today is the last day of school!

Don’t forget to join our last day celebration on Teams! Ask your teacher for more information.





Learn about art with Ms. Woodson






Go to Nearpod

Use the code: KGJFP






Visit Ms. Gee’s book club website for this week’s lesson

P.E. & Health


Visit the P.E. and Health website for this week’s lesson






Sing with Ms. Driscoll

Number Talk

Go to Nearpod

Use the code


Number Talk

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Use the code


Number Talk

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Use the code


Number Talk

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Use the code


Number Talk

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Use the code




Please check the "Useful Links" and "Files and Documents" sections of our Class Page for several resources you can use at home during this time away from school. There are several items inside folders as well on the "Files and Documents" page.  Our Second Grade Standards Calendar can be found on the "Files and Documents" page labeled "2nd Grade Pacing 2019_2020." Please let me know if you have any questions.

Check out the Title One Math page for additional great math resources!
Head to Ms. Proch's Page for START and SIGNET activities!


Hello! My name is Julianna Klioze, this is my third year teaching at Kilby, but my first year teaching in 2nd grade! I am originally from New Jersey. I attended James Madison University, graduating with my Masters in the Art of Teaching in May of 2017.  I love being a part of the Kilby Family and I'm so excited to be back again for another year! ROAR!