Online Resources


Math Resources
Bedtime Math 
Investigations Math Games
Khan Academy - Class Code: 34MNHBXM
Math Games
Math Playground
Math Video Lessons
Math Words and Ideas - Short videos in English and Spanish to review math words and concepts. 
One Minute Math Videos
ORIGO At Home - Weekly Math Plans for home that follow our curriculum!
Prodigy Math Games - Parents can create free account for math games and activities
Virtual Math Tools

Language Arts Resources
Dreamscape - Fun reading game! Create an account using our class code: LVQ1TX
Online Dictionary
Epic! - Class Code: prv9276
Kilby Library
Novel Effect - Brings stories to life with sound effects!
Phonics Hero
Raz-Kids - Teacher Username: danglek
Reading Bear - For beginning readers, this program works on phonetic strategies and vocabulary. 
ReadWorks - Class Code: UYKNZA      Password: 1234
Scholastic Learning at Home
Storyline Online - Read Alouds
Unite for Literacy - Online books

Math and Reading Games
Starfall Math and Reading Games

Other Online Resources
Brainpop & Brainpop Jr.
Cosmic Kids Yoga
GoNoodle - Movement Videos we use for brain breaks!
Mystery Science - Fun, at home, Science lessons!
Nearpod - Enter unique code from teacher for student access
Podcasts for Kids

Resources for Home During COVID-19
Amazing Education Resources
Building Structure and Skill-Building at Home
Technology Resources