My name is Enajah Winbush and I am ecstatic to be your child's 2nd-5th grade teacher
 for this 2019-2020 school year here at Kilby Elementary!

This year I will be going into my third year of teaching! Before Kilby i taught at a local highschool in PWC ! I also have been working in SPED since 2015! I am a graduate from Liberty Universty where I recieved my Bachelors Degree in Psychology: Counseling and Human Development and my Masters Degree in Special Education K-12.  My education and experiences have helped me to build a foundation in becoming the best educator that I can be for your child!

Dear Families ,
During this unexpected time i will be posting information regarding different activities that will be beneficial to my students! *Please note assignments are not required at this time and will not be graded* Please check the useful links tab for different online resources that the students can access daily. Please check files and documents for different activities posted throughout the week.

Students can log into many websites they use at school by accessing their CLEVER portal: Brainpop, ST Math, Lexia, Scratch, Wixie 

Reading: Please attempt to read to your child for atleast 20 minutes daily. You can also have them watch a read aloud on storyline. Before reading to your child please allow them to look through the book at the pictures and disscuss and predict what they believe the story is about. Have them point to the title and identify the difference between text and pictures. After the story has been read to your child, allow them to retell the story, give the main idea, or draw a picture about what the story is about. If students have difficulty producing the main idea, give them two choices. You can print off the dolch sight word list (start off by pre-assessing students , start off at pre-primer and move up if 100% is scored on the words) make flash cards with the words and pictures if able.

Writing: Students can write their letters a-z with a visual if needed, without a visual if not needed, make immediate corrections to incorrect letters and have them write the incorrect letter multiple times underneath. Have students read their letters giving the name and sound of each letter. Students can also write their numbers daily up to 10, 20, or higher if able. Another writing task that can be done is ask students questions , scribe their answer and have them copy what you wrote with appropriate sizing. For students who are still on pre-writing strokes, use the internet to find pre-writing strokes and have them copy or imitate the strokes. Students can also write their names as well as their dolche sight words.

Math: Continue to practice basic math skills with your students. In class students are working on single digit addition up to 10 or 20. The students can draw pictures to represent the numbers or use small items around the house like beads or cereal. Students are also working on counting with 1:1 correspondence , and representing numbers with objects. 

Science/S.S.- Brainpopjr has a huge variety of lessons that come with a easy quiz and a game or activity. Students can watch daily current events/news updates on CNN 10 as long as they are still filming daily. 

Please feel free to contact me at and I MISS ALL OF MY KIDDOS and hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Please give them all hugs for me : )