As of now, here are some links which will direct you to helpful resources and sites (just click on the RED link to access the sites!) 
1) clever: Students can use their badges to log into reading sites such as MyOn, benchmark and Lexia, as well as our math sites STmath and IXLThey can also access brainpop through clever! I have been updated skills on IXL to keep students challenged!

If a student does not have their clever badge at home or it is not working...
they can use their computer username to access their clever accounts! and their password is their computer password!

2) Scholastic: This website will give students access to books, videos, magazines and more!
3) storyline online: This website allows for students to listen to stories be read aloud by famous people!
4) newsela: newsela is offering FREE access to their articles through this!
5) Origo at Home Instructions: View this video to learn how to access Origo (one of our amazing resources for teaching math) while at home!