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Daily Number Talks for ALL Grades

**If you miss a day, no worries! All of the codes (dating back to March 31st are on the tab to the left that is titled: Previous Number Talk Nearpod Codes!**

Friday 6/12:

Looking for some math that students can do independently? Get the code for today's Number Talk on www.Nearpod.com! This will keep them in engaged for 10 minutes while they build their number sense!

Kilby Students:
When you put your name, please include your last initial and grade level or teacher!

Kindergarten & First GradeWYOTS

Second & Third Grade: SBYOG – Starring Ms. Haynes

Fourth & Fifth Grade: VIPQU– Starring Mrs. Callaghan

Don't forget to click "Submit" on each interactive slide and when you have finished the last slide!

Want to see an example or need help getting in, check out this video.


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Bedtime Math

Taken from Bedtime Math: "We make math part of the family routine. Every day, we serve up a quick bite of wacky math just for fun. It’s nothing like school. Parents can sign up by email, on our website, and on our free app. Whether it’s flamingos, ninjas or pillow forts, kids can see the math in their favorite topics. No logins. No drilling. No scores. It takes only 5 minutes a day, and kids clamor for it."

Bedtime Math - sign up here to receive your daily reading and math story via email or check out the app in Google Play or the App Store. Both are completely FREE and available in both English and Spanish!

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