I am the general music teacher at Kilby and started here in September 2015. Prior to working at Kilby I spent five years running a private music studio, coaching students of all ages in voice, piano and ensemble singing. I received my Bachelor's of Music Composition from Temple University and my teacher's certification at George Mason University. I am thrilled to be working with so many wonderful students every day. I believe every child should have access to music education and have music in their daily life. Music connects to all subject areas and improves learning skills and builds confidence.

As we move forward with online learning, I will be providing resources on this page to keep students engaged and loving the Arts.  Many of the activities and music can be found in the File and Documents tab to the left.  You will find playlists of music our students have been enjoying in class along with activity sheets. I will be adding content regularly.  Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Each Monday a newsletter will be posted below to help you learn how to sing in a round. You can watch videos of me singing and guiding you through rhythm clapping and solfege.