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Weekly Smore Newsletter

Week 9 (last week of school)
(Updated Tuesdays/Wednesdays)

Directions for Nearpod: If you are doing the nearpod, you need to submit all of your work on there before your exit the nearpod. 
Directions for Choice Board:  
If you are doing the choice board, you make take a picture of your work and submit it to me via email: morriskl@pwcs.edu
  Nearpod Codes   Choice Boards  

4th Grade Math


Choice Board

4th Grade Science 


5th Grade Math


Choice Board
 5th Grade Science  WKASF 

Weely Virtual Field Trip 

The homework file contains the IXL standards and answer sheets you should be working on daily! This folder also contains multiplication task cards and directions on how to use them!  The "number of the day" activity is a great warm-up!

The useful links folders contains other resources to help you practice as well!

Make sure to check out the ORIGO AT HOME LINK in useful links. This is a great way to deliver lesson plans to your student while at home!

Check out the science folders! There are a lot of cool experiments you can do right at your house!

Keep checking back for other activities and updates.

For other activity ideas and tips on how to help your student during these unprecedented times please be sure to check out the home learning website provided to you by the county! http://www.pwcs.edu/academics___programs/home_learning

Remember, you should be practicing and studying while we are out of school, but most importantly you and your family should be staying SAFE during these unprecedented times. Hopefully this will all be resolved in the near future and we will be able to get back to some type of normalcy! I miss you all and hope everyone is making the best out of a less than desirable situation.

Best wishes to all!
Mr. Stecher