Mrs. PlumitalloHi, I'm Mrs. Plumitallo!

I've been teaching at Kilby for the past eight years - since I started my career after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). I started out as a 2nd grade teacher, but have also taught 3rd grade, 5th grade science, STEAM, and of course, I've been an ESOL teacher! Right now I work in 3rd through 5th grades, supporting students in developing their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills during small group instruction. I also work with a group of fifth graders in science. (And yes, I'm the teacher with purple hair!)

I've been married to my husband, Mr. Plumitallo, for 13 years; we have two sons, William and Henry. William is in 5th grade, and Henry is in 1st grade. We have a cat named Jimmy, and two rats named Rocket and Groot (like the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy). We share a home with my parents in Fredericksburg, which is about 45 minutes (on a good traffic day!) to the south of Kilby.

A few things you should know about me, in no particular order: I absolutely love everything about space and human spaceflight. You might even call me a NASA nerd. I frequently participate in NASA conferences and events, and can usually be found in some sort of space-related clothing/accessories at school! | I am finishing up my last semester of my Educational Specialist program in Administration and Supervision. This means that I could be an assistant principal or principal someday! While I absolutely love teaching students, I also love teaching and supporting teachers! Finishing my Ed.S degree will allow me to help a lot more students in the future! | My favorite foods are pretty varied! I love pupusas con curtido y salsa roja; vegetable pakoras and samosas, with butter chicken and garlic naan; my mother-in-laws homemade sauce with Italian sausage and shells; and of course, pizza. But only NY style! With garlic knots! | Finally, I love to learn. I think I learn as much everyday as my students do! I'm always curious and not afraid to say, "Hmmm, I don't know. Let's find out!" My hope is that my love of learning is something that those around me adopt for themselves!

Contact Me!
I would really love to hear from you. There are a few ways to contact me, and I'll respond within 24 hours on any of them. If you call and leave a voicemail, please make sure you identify your student's name so that I know who I'm speaking with/calling back.

Twitter: @kilbyplum